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Priority Scan and Archive System


Purpose of the System:

To scan documents (such as waybills, invoices etc.) as well as emails and files to Priority as quickly as possible, using the PrioriScan system. Scanning is performed automatically from the scanner or email to the attachment screen of the Priority document, automatically setting the file name and location, to quickly retrieve documents and automatically create a digital computer archive.

PrioriScan – advantages:

■  Efficiency: scan a document into the software in 5 seconds, including the document name and location on the file server.
■  Save a lot of storage space – you no longer need to file documents!
■  Quick access to the scanned documents by all network and Priority users, pursuant to authorization.
■  Shorter system response times, generating significant savings.
■  Name the scanned file from the Priority system, according to the document's parent screen.
■  Orderly and efficient document archive management of scanned documents.
■  Allows scanning from terminal and Citrix servers.
■  Scanning solutions for all types of documents – waybills, invoices, service level agreements and more.


Modules available as additions to the main scanning module:

1. File and email attribution module – attribute emails and ordinary files to the appendix screen of different Priority documents.

2. Barcode module – input a large number of recurring documents in one scan, using barcode identification.

3. Digital Signature module – sign supplier invoices and other documents with two digital signatures, and archive for one year only, instead of seven years, pursuant to the Document Destruction Law.

Scanning process:

The PrioriScan software, a unique development by Eshkol, integrates with the Priority system.

Scanning process



The scanning system may be installed at any enterprise running Priority, regardless of how it is implemented.

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